Please ensure you read the below information regarding warranty through BHF Couriers before considering BHF Couriers as your choice of transport.

At BHF, we like to give our customers choice. This is why there a few different options regarding warranty cover if you are sending freight through BHF. We'll go through those options below. 

Our warranty cover is available to all customers sending freight with us (just check below that we cover the item you are sending!) as an optional extra.  In the unlikely event that your item is lost, stolen or damaged in transit, we offer basic warranty to protect you and your freight. Our basic warranty cover is $9.90 and covers goods in transit between $1-$500AUD. For items valued between $550-$20,000AUD we may be able to cover your items for an additional charge. This is charged at 3.5% + GST of the invoice value of the item/s you wish to cover. All warranty covers have an excess of $500AUD  payable by the customer if a claim is made. Our warranty option is not available under the budget transport . Please contact our office if your item is valued at more than $20,000AUD. If you do not wish to cover your freight against loss, stolen or damages, you also have the option not to take any warranty cover. Before considering any of the above options, please check our list of restricted items below!

All items travelling with warranty cover MUST be in original packaging and you must have a copy of the receipt.

All warranty claims must be reported to BHF Couriers within 24 hours of delivery. Not reporting your claim within 24 hours will void your warranty. Before considering any of our warranty options, please check our list of restricted items below! 

Items that we do not include in our warranty cover include:

  • Alcoholic beverages, Beer, Wine, Spirits
  • Animals, animal products, animal skins
  • Fur(s), ivory, endangered, animal products
  • Antiques, fine art or works of art
  • Bullion
  • Furniture of any description
  • Car parts and car accessories
  • Collectibles and/or irreplaceable items
  • Any items worth more than its original purchase price or that is not commonly available
  • Currency or negotiable instruments 
  • Dangerous goods, hazardous or combustible materials 
  • Aerosols & perfumes
  • Flammable liquids, petrol, lighter fluid, flammable solids, non-safety matches
  • Gases, mace, camping gas, oxidizers, bleach, poisons, pesticides, corrosives, car batteries, lithium batteries, mercury
  • Drugs/Narcotics (illegal) and pharmaceutical products
  • Explosives
  • Detonators, fuses, grenades, mines and explosives, fireworks & flares
  • Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition
  • Human remains (including ashes)
  • Industrial diamonds and carbons
  • Medical samples
  • Diagnostics specimens, blood, urine, bodily fluids, tissue samples
  • Perishable items
  • Flowers, dry ice, foodstuffs, items requiring temperature control or special handling, plants
  • Cotton, seeds, teas, tobacco
  • Pornography
  • Precious & semi-precious stones (including jewellery)
  • Glass is excluded from any cargo type (any items which contain glass)
  • Watches & costumes jewellery
  • Pre-owned or second hand items valued at more than $500AUD (Please note that if warranty is taken on pre-owned or second hand items over $500 they will only be covered for lost and stolen [damage cover is not available]).


Important Information Regarding Warranty

When you book a job with BHF Couriers, you are agreeing that you have read and understood our warranty conditions, our terms and conditions and that you are responsible for checking BHF Couriers warranty inclusions before deciding if warranty is right for you.

All warranty claims must be reported and submitted to BHF Couriers within 24 hours of delivery. Not reporting your claim within 24 hours will void your warranty.  All information about the claim must be submitted within 7 days of notification to BHF. Your claim will become void if reported after this time. All claims should be emailed to warranty@bhfcouriers.com.au 

We strongly advise to take photos of any items that you are transporting so that if a claim should be made, you have as much photographic evidence as possible. All items travelling with warranty cover MUST be in original packaging and you must have a copy of the receipt.

Please contact our office on 1300888234 regarding any of the above information or email warranty@bhfcouriers.com.au.