Below we have answers to common questions users have about our service. If your question is not answered below feel free to contact us and we'll be able to assist you!

Q1. How do I measure a box?+

In order to quote you, we require the length, width and height of your item. To find this, you will need a tape measure or ruler. All items have 3 dimensions. See below for a visual example.We also require the weight. Depending on how heavy your item is the weight can usually be found using a regular set of scales found in most houses. If you cannot determine the dimensions or weights you can supply estimates however this runs the risk of being incorrect. We measure and weigh everything that we transport so incorrect information provided may result in extra charges at a later date.


Q2. How do I make a booking?+

You can make a booking by completing a 'quick quote' on our website and following the prom pts. Alternatively you can call our office on 1300888243 and we can make a booking over the phone for you.

Q3. How long does it take to deliver my booking?+
Same Day service = either same day or following day depending on time of booking
Overnight = 1 to 2 working days
Road express = 2-5 working days
Road express remote area = 2-7 days 
Road express unpackaged = could take up to 21 days 

If the item is unpackaged and you need it quickly, please let us know and we can work out correct packaging, and organise that for you to speed things up. 

Q4. Can I book as the 'Receiver'?+

Yes you can. As you are the person who has made the booking it is vitally important that you make sure the 'Sender' receives the consignment note via email and they fully understand what is required to complete a pickup.

Q5. What is a consignment note? How do I receive it?+

A consignment or con note is the label that needs to be attached to your item/s before pickup. The consignment note has all the relevant details and a barcode which is used in conjunction with our online tracking system. If you have booked online, your consignment is emailed out with your booking confirmation. If you have booked over the phone, the consignment note is normally emailed out the afternoon before collection. Please ensure all information on the consignment note is correct. Attach your consignment note to the outside of your package as instructed. Failure to comply with these requests may result in a missed pick up or futile charges. If you are having any difficulties with this process please contact our head office on 1300888243.

Q6. Can I book with an operator? +

Yes you can! You can call our office on 1300888243. We are in the office from 8:30am-5pm (AEDT) Monday-Friday (excluding pu blic holidays).

Q7. What happens if no one is home at the specified pick up time?+

If no one is going to be home at the specified pick up time, you can choose to leave the item at the front door for the dri ver, as long as the supplied consignment note is attached. If this has not been done, and the driver arrives to pick up the parcel, the driver will not be able to collect the freight. The job will then be rebooked for a suitable pick up time on a different date. We suggest you select a pick up location where someone will be there on the day you select, you leave the item at the front door of the address (depending on size/weight) or select a particular time frame for an extra charge for convenience.

Q8. What happens if no one is home to receive the delivery?+

When booking your job in, you will be asked (either online or over the phone) whether you give authority for your goods to be left unattended if no one is at the delivery address when the driver delivers. If you give authority to leave, we ask that specify a spot for the drive to leave the goods such as the side gate or front door step.  

In the event that you have selected that there is 'no authority to leave' the item/s unattended at the delivery end then the item will be taken back to the depot if no one is at the premises to accept it. An 'attempted delivery fee' of up to $33 will be charged to the card holder. They can then choose to have the item redelivered on a particular day or collect the item from their local depot. 

Alternatively, organise for your freight to be delivered to a business address that is open Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm to ensure someone is always at the premises to accept the freight. 

Q9. Can you package my item for me?+

It is vital that your item is pre-packaged to manufacturers specifications, or an appropriate equivalent. This is to ensure that your items and the items travelling in the same vehicle are protected against damages. However, if you are unable to package your goods, we may be able to assist depending on location, the nature of the item and the size. Extra packaging will incur an additional cost. Please call our office on 1300888243 for further information. Unfortunately we do not have packaging facilities Australia wide.

Q10. Can you deliver to P.O boxes?+

We are unable to deliver to P.O boxes. If it is a regional post office with prior permission granted, it may be possible. C all our customer service line on 1300 888 243 for details.