Below we have answers to common questions users have about our service. If your question is not answered below feel free to contact us and we'll be able to assist you!

Q1. What can the maximum length of my parcel be?+

Due to vehicle size limits, most items need to be under 1100cm x 240cm x 240cm. However if your items are outside of this s ize range, please contact our office and we may be able to assist you with a specialised quote.

Q2. What if my item is over 30kg?+

If your item is 30kg or more BHF Couriers can still carry your goods however you will need to select the Road Tail Lift option unless your items are travelling from a business address to a business address that has lifting facilities at either end. If not, the driver will bring out a pallet jack or trolley with a specialized tail lift truck that will assist in lifting/unloading your item on/off the vehicle. If the item is a pallet & requires a pallet jack you need to make sure the ground surface is flat, hard concrete surface at both pick up and delivery.

Q3. What if I don't know the correct weight or dimensions of the item?+

We ask that you try to obtain measurements and weight that are as accurate as possible. When quoting or booking a job you w ill be asked the dimensions (length, width, height) & weight. Make sure you measure the longest ,the widest, and the highest part to ensure we give you an accurate quote. After your item is picked up, it will arrive back to our warehouse, where it gets measured and weighed. If there are any differences that cause a difference to your cost, you will be charged accordingly at a later date. Please note that you are charged for every centimetre & every gram that you send .

When you pay and book in your job with BHF Couriers you are agreeing that the dimensions & weight you are providing is true and correct. Please note BHF Couriers may charge extra charges accordingly and this can be charged up to 120 days after you have booked the job in.

Q4. Are my goods covered by a transit warranty?+

Please read our warranty informa tion and terms and conditions for all information regarding warranty cover for goods in transit.

Q5. Can I track my delivery online?+

In most cases, you can track your delivery online using your consignment number. Click here for the tracking page follow the prompts. For all freight that can not be tracked online, please call our office on 1300888243 and we will be able to track the freight over the phone.

Q6. I live outside of a capital city, can my parcel to be picked up tomorrow?+

We highly recommend that you book your collection one day before you require it to be collected. Due to the nature of some regional areas there can be delays in the pickup process. Some regional areas can take 48 hours to collect and some regional areas only have specific days of collection/delivery. Please contact our office if you would like more information regarding your particular area.

Q7. Do I need an account to use your service?+

No, anyone can use our service, payment options for the general public are via Credit Card or Paypal.

Q8. What are my payment options?+

We currently offer payment via Credit Card or Paypal online or over the phone. Business ac counts also have the option of paying via weekly direct debit. Please contact our office for more information regarding this.

Q9. Is there a cut-off time for bookings?+

The cut off times vary depending on locations however all online bookings have a cutoff ti me of midday for same day bookings regardless of the area of collection. It is recommended that you book in your job a day before pick up is required.

Q10. Are there any regional areas that you don't service door-to-door?+

We are able to service almost anywhere in Australia or the world. In the unlikely event th at your area has restrictions with delivery we should be able to provide you with the closest pick up or drop off point from your location.