Below we have answers to common questions users have about our service. If your question is not answered below feel free to contact us and we'll be able to assist you!

Q1. We are regular senders, can we have an account with BHF Couriers?+

Yes you can! Click on 'Register' at the top right hand corner of the site or click here. If you are a business, you can register as a business account and enjoy further discounts!


Q2. Can I send my suitcase / travel case, does it need to be packed into a box?+

When sending anything, you need to ensure it is p ackaged up as well as possible. You must keep in mind that your goods with travel with other freight and scratches to packaging may occur. To avoid this we recommend packaging your goods with plastic wrap, bubble wrap and/or other robust packaging to ensure it can handle the rigours of freight.